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The hull design of the RiversEdge 200 FX is definitely unique. It's full tunnel hull was originally designed and built starting in 1994 under the name Day Five. Keeping the hull design the same to maintain the unique running characteristics of the boat, the rest of it was revised, redesigned and renamed to RiversEdge 200 FX in 2012. The manufacturing process was updated to use state of the art technology and premium materials allowing us to offer a life-time warranty against hull punctures. This among other meticulous guide-driven developments such as our impact reducing EASI-core floor will truly match your expectations. With a dry weight of under 1000 lbs., 8 foot beam and stability like a dock, the RiversEdge 200 FX can go skinny. We know that our simple philosophy of design it smart, build it solid, and do it with integrity allows us to confidently offer a boat which will allow you to ...

"Escape Anywhere" and to "Fish Anywhere" !!!



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